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Nurthi Gee (sung by Maestro Lionel Goonetilake) 



Kalabhushana Maestro Lionel Goonetilake was born into a traditional Nurthi family and has been endeavouring for many years to preserve the original form of Nurthi songs he has learned during his lifetime. He is an expert on this subject and renowned for his work as a music director for several Nurthies and his long association with Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

Not many Sri Lankans know the true value and the beauty of the golden melodies of Nurthi songs.  These have been written to bring out all the nine Rasas appropriate to the scene of the Nurthi, following the Hindusthani Raga and Thala  traditions as well obeying proper Ghana rules.

It should be noted that some of the Nurthi songs have been somewhat changed from their original form over the years due to the modifications added by various subsequent artists. Therefore, according to the Maestro, it is essential to preserve the original words and melodies of these songs to the new listeners of the future years. One of his attempts to achieve this was the publishing the books Nurthi Geethe Shathakaya (part 1 & 2) which include 200 Nurthi songs in their original form.

Whilst many scales of Nurthi songs (both in prakurthi and vikurthi form) available in  book form written by various artists, only people with musical ability to read such notations can appreciate these songs. Thus our desire to reproduce some of the songs sung by Maestro Goonetilake on the internet for all to enjoy.

I was extremely delighted when Maestro accepted my request to release some songs for the internet.

If you are a Nurthi music lover who is after some good quality recorded music, Maestro Goonetilake has a collection of studio quality recordings which for a small charge he will supply in a CD form.

We invite you to listen and enjoy these songs, and hopefully by so doing you will pass them on to our future generation in their original form.  This is, in his own words, the reward for Maestro Goonetilake for all his work on Nurthi Music.

Upali and Maala Gunasena (Westside Nurthi Music Lovers of Brisbane)



Maestro Kalabhushana Lionel Goonetilake

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